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Matrouh Black grapes (Barrani grapes)

Introduction  Grapes are among the oldest fruit varieties known to be grown in Egypt. Grapes are the second fruit crop in Egypt after citrus trees, where they account for about 14% of the total area planted with different fruit. Grapes are among the most successful fruit cultivars in reclaimed and new lands. – It should …

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Matrouh Figs (Sultani Figs)

Introduction Fig cultivation is concentrated globally in the Mediterranean region, where about 80% of global production is produced. The cultivation of figs in Egypt began from the time of the ancient Egyptians and appears on the walls of pharaonic temples. The cultivation of fig trees in almost all environments has sparsely needs and produces natural …

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Matrouh Olive Oil

Introduction The evergreen olive tree has a high capacity to withstand drought conditions and is therefore dependent on the economy of a large number of countries in the world and in the Mediterranean basin, with an estimated global area of 23 million acres producing about 10 million tons, of which about 1 million tons are …

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Introduction to Agriculture in Marsa Matrouh

Matrouh governorate is characterized by a variety of geographical, climatic, and environmental characteristics, with the northern range overlooking the Mediterranean Sea forming a developmental range dominated by a warm dry Mediterranean climate, which is rainy in winter and hot dry in summer -and this range is about 450 km long and at a depth of …

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