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Matrouh Olive oil


Matrouh Olive oil:

 Many local and imported varieties are being grown in Egypt, such as Toffahi (apple), Agizi, Hamdhi (acid), Watiqin, and Shamlali which are of local varieties. Others imported types like Manzanilla, Picual, Kalamata, Mission, and Coratina. These varieties differ in their purpose for both table olive and oil production – there are also dual-purpose varieties. The most important varieties grown on the north-west coast are: –


It is a local oil variety, trees with a dense green total and widespread growth, and fruits with an oil content ranging from 15 to 18% and sometimes up to 22%.


It is an imported item and was introduced to the North West Coast region in the 1980s, and its cultivation has now spread. The trees of this medium-growing species are dense in total and bear stress conditions. It is characterized by floating and a double-purpose item. the proportion of oil varies between 15% and 22%.


It is a low-prevalence North West Coast, a medium-growing tree with a dense growing nature, with a high oil content (22-25%). It is a double-purpose item.


It’s a low-prevalence dual-purpose item with an oil ratio of 16 to 20%.


It is a low-prevalence item, although it produces the finest oil, ranging from 18 to 22%, so it is a single-purpose oil-producing item.


It’s a single-purpose item for oil production, estimated at 16 to 24%.