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Matrouh Black grapes (Barrani grapes)


 Grapes are among the oldest fruit varieties known to be grown in Egypt. Grapes are the second fruit crop in Egypt after citrus trees, where they account for about 14% of the total area planted with different fruit. Grapes are among the most successful fruit cultivars in reclaimed and new lands. – It should be noted that production is consumed fresh. Some of the crops are used for drying and raisin manufacture. Some limited quantities are directed towards the manufacture of fresh and fermented juices, and grapes and their products have export potential.

Nutritional and medical value

Grapes are from the most important fruit crops in Egypt and all over the world. They are second only to citrus in terms of production, with global grape production estimated at more than 60 million tons. Major grape-producing countries are France, Italy, and Spain. Egypt is one of the Arab world’s most prolific grape producers, followed by Syria, Iraq, Morocco, and Lebanon. The vineyard production area is estimated at 1,000 acres, producing about 1.7 million t.

Grape varieties have a high proportion of sugars with easy-to-digest sugars – glucose and fructose sugar are highly concentrated. Grape fruits are also characterized by their vitamin content (c, b), protein 8%, fat 5%, fiber 4.3%, and a range of potassium, calcium, and phosphate component salts. The intake of 100 grams of grapes was found to result in 68 calories resulting from the burning and representation of sugars. Grapes have health and medical benefits, including:

– Reduction of blood pressure to contain high potassium.

– Anti – constipation where grapes facilitate intestinal movement.

– Reduced acidosis as it has natural acids equivalent to acidic in the stomach.

– Protect against cancer because of containing antioxidant substances.

– It contains the Resveratrol compound that protects against stroke.

Grape seeds have medical benefits as grape seed oil has anti-inflammatory benefits, improving cardiovascular health, treatment of acne, Varicose veins, and complications of diabetes, and is also used in cosmetics.